Cloud Services

Merging the best tech practices with your business requirements, ensuring that you get the most out of your investment.

You know you’re supposed to be using the cloud. But there are hundreds of cloud solutions out there. Where do you begin? HOW do you begin?

We’re Green Shoot. And we’re cloud experts. Our team will create a cloud that’s tailor fitted for your business. We work with your team during the integration process and long after the project’s completion. We’ll show you the resources necessary to maintain the infrastructure and how to use the cloud to benefit your business.

On every project, we bring years of experience and expertise with us. We deliver solutions in the shortest amount of time possible so that you can focus on what’s really important, your business. We’ll help your team with things like adopting new technologies, extending networks and finding solutions to problems you just can’t figure out.

Matched for Fit

When it comes to cloud there are a lot of options and it comes down to fitting your business needs. We work with several providers to deliver the right solution, even if that means more than one!

Cloud Recovery

Recover from a disaster from your phone in minutes. It's possible and we'll show you how.

Development Automation

Let us help you scale and accelerate your development environments through rapid deployment and automation.

Security & Compliance

We'll make sure you maintain compliance or help you get there.

Hybrid Cloud Integrations

Not everything may be ready for a public cloud. We'll help you bridge the gap without interruption.

Backup & Archive

Offsite data retention is cheaper than ever with cloud technology and more secure than you think.

Unified Monitoring

You can know where all your data is, even when it's 3000 miles away.

Professional Services

Instant productivity boost and project success. We guarantee it.

We’re experts in our field. We’ll engage your team and dig deep to find the best tech decisions for your business. Think of us as an instant addition to your team, the trained guidance you need to get your company to where it wants to go.

We’ll help your IT team deploy new infrastructures, migrations or any big projects that need a little outside expertise.

Our job doesn’t end once we’ve installed a server or completed a migration project. At Green Shoot, we’re dedicated to helping your team with whatever IT needs they have. We’re builders but we’ll also provide maintenance, advice and solutions long after the project’s end. Our goal is to maximize your business value and help you get the most out of your investment.

We do storage

Storage is critical to get right, no matter what platform.

We do virtualization

We can help you virtualize or transition to a new hypervisor.

We do automation

Got a process? We'll make a button for it.

We do security

The expertise of multi-tenancy solutions to your data center.

We Work With The Best

We focus on being the best with the technology we work with. We hold certifications with a wide range of products.

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